This article will display a list of venture capitalists in Malaysia. Use this to your advantage when you are looking at venture capital. To help you understand the usefulness of this list we have divided the VC’s into different categories.

Different stages of Venture Capital

Within the list, we have added Venture capital that invests in different stages. For the purpose of this article, we have conducted a list comprising of VC’s that invest in the idea stage, early-stage & the later-stage.

Idea stage

When a company is in the idea stage a company does not have any revenue yet. As the name suggests it is rather an idea than a full working company. Normally venture capitals do not invest in idea stage companies. Usually, these idea stage firms are funded by accelerator programs. These programs provide funding and guidance to idea-stage companies who still have a lot to work on.


Early-stage start-ups are hard to define. However, there are some criteria for a business to be called earl-stage. First of all, this should be a business, unlike the idea stage companies it should have an operating business or a working prototype. Usually, early-stage companies have some beginning revenue or customers which are not yet paying.

Later stage companies

These companies are companies that have proven there concept. In other words, they have been operating successfully. So why do these companies still require funding? These companies still require funding as they want to expand. Mostly this happens when companies want to expand abroad. They have a proven concept only not enough capital to fund a transition into a new market.

List of Venture Capitalists in Malaysia

List of Accelerators in Malaysia (Idea Stage)

Government start-up accelerators

Private start-up accelerators

Corporate start-up accelerators

Early-stage Venture Capital

Later Stage companies

The importance of venture capitalists

There are a lot of reasons as to why venture capital is so important. In this article, we will list the most important reasons.

Build strong economies

Venture capital is one of the building blocks of a strong economy. Funding start-ups do not only have an impact on the founders, rather on all the stakeholders of the company. We tend to forget how many jobs are created because venture capitalists helped a start-up grow. To give an example, Google was once funded by a venture capitalist. In 2020 there are over 98,000 people working for google world wide. In addition, think of how many jobs it has created outside of Google. A small business that help with Google SEO and many more.

Keeping the entrepreneurial mindset alive

Due to the venture capitalist, there are more success stories of start-ups. this helps our generation to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Especially nowadays with tv shows like Shark Tank or Dragons Den. Our entrepreneurial mindset is triggered. Because of the opportunities, people are more likely to start there own company. People ask themselves the question if they can do it, could I do it too? This contributes to more business being set-up and even more success stories.

Great start-up environment

Venture capitalists contribute to a great start-up environment. When there are a lot of VC’s operating in a certain region, there are more opportunities for start-ups to get funded. This will help more people to overcome the barrier of setting up a start-up. The chances for them to get funded are higher. As the chances of being funded are greater more start-ups will succeed. VC’s do not only over these start-ups capital but they also provide them with guidance.